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The Ultimate Luxury at Your Fingertips! By Niya Cosmetics

L U X U R Y at your fingertips

Niya Cosmetics Halal Breathable Nail polish has a truly exquisite and unique 14 FREE formula. Pioneered intricately with the best nail technology, all polishes allow water and air to penetrate deep into the nail plate. Enabling your nails to be the strongest and the best quality ever.

Halal Nail Polish

All our range of Niya Halal Nail Polishes are 100% Halal certified in accordance to the HCA (Halal Certification Agency). This means that you can perform your Wudhu and perform your prayer without removing your #niceniyanails

We believe in Beauty without Cruelty and made sure that our products are not tested on or do not contain any animal ingredients. (Please visit Certifications for more information).

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