7 easy hacks for chip free nails

1. Clean Nails

Always start off your manicure with absolutely no product on your nails! This means ditch the oils, lotions and hand cream. Clean nails are the foundation to a successful, chip free gorgeous manicure. Also make sure that your nails are completely dry, as your nail polish will not adhere to moist or wet nails.

2. Buff Nails

Lightly buff your nails using a nail file to smooth out bumps and rouge edges. Small dents or dips on the nail are prone to encouraging the nail polish to crack. Gently buffing the nail will allow the Nail polish to be applied more evenly and smoothly therefore preventing cracking of the polish.

3. Cuticles

Cuticles are cute, so don’t cut them as this can probe infections and we definitely do not want that! You can simply push the back gently with you fingers. Avoid getting any nail polish on the cuticles, as this will lift the polish from the nail bed and lead to chipping!

4. Cross-Cross

When applying your polish, criss-cross the first layer along the edge (non-cuticle side) of the nail. This will seal the raw edge of the polish, preventing from chipping. You can then apply a second layer.

5. Hot water

Avoid the use of very hot water within 12 hours of the manicure application. After that you can be sure to grab the washing up gloves if you’re doing the dishes!

6. Roll it! 

Don’t shake well! Instead roll the bottle it between your hands for a few seconds this will eradicate and prevent air bubbles. Once you paint air bubbles on your nails your nail polish will be prone to chipping.

7. Mirror

Apply a layer of Niya Mirror top/base coat. This will help the polish stick on to the nail more easily and elongate the longevity of a manicure. You can do this every few days to keep your nails in tact! Please note that nail polish is only permeable for up to 2 coats of nail polish, this includes topcoat.

Please note for water permeable polish use up to two coats of Niya nail polish.


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