Halal Nail Polish Colours For Eid This Summer

Halal nail polish colours for Eid this Summer is here and Eid is just around the corner! We are loving this years beauty trends some popular ones include glass skin, a blinding highlight, Kylie Jenner inspired lips and of course not forgetting a gorgeous manicure!

To get the perfect completed Eid outfit one must accessories accordingly. Each component of the outfit including the makeup/ hair/ handbag/ shoes and nails must be complimentary to each other. Sooo much to think about! So what is the key to make any outfit come together? One word. Accessories! Wearing complimentary heels, bag or jewellery can really formalize any outfit!

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To go that extra mile opt to compliment your makeup and manicure with your accessories. Or even certain details within your outfit! For example if you have red patterns or red buttons on your shirt, you can wear something like Be a Boss by Niya Nail polish to enhance and complete your outfit.

The HudaBeauty Powerbullet in the shade “Interview” is also a beautiful shade that can almost be matched to the shade “I Adore me”.

We love seeing celebs match nails with their lipstick! But what nail polish colours are in and which one should I wear for Eid?

Scouring through social media, magazines and forums you will find an endless pit of nail polish inspiration pictures, including non- conventional bright lemony shades from neon yellow to grungy dark colours. Stay safe. Despite the colour of your outfit, style or amount of embroidery opt for the recommended safe option.

You just cannot go wrong! The signature classic shade “Nude” bye Niya. This shade is complimentary for any outfit occasion or season!

With the power of elongating your fingertips and making your hands appear super dainty! You can also add a pop of colour by applying any different nail polish shade on your ring finger to change up a manicure. Or even add abit of pazzaz by applying any one of the glitter toppers.

There are endless options including Mystique, Glow Getta or Rise and Sparkle. Definitely shades that you could match with any outfit, accessory or even your lip colour! Super subtle.

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So you have matched your nails, what about makeup? The new trend of glass skin is soo in and here to stay! Use lipstick on your cheeks as blush, apply then on your lips and on your nose for a natural blushed look. The lipstick being applied to three areas of the face is a great way to add a youthful, fresh glowy look.

Exactly what you want after a month of fasting! You definitely want to give a hydrated and healthy look. Confidence! To fully complete any outfit, being comfortable and happy in what you are wearing is probably the most important factors in pulling together an outfit.

The way you walk, sit and carry yourself all depends on confidence and how you feel. If you are comfortable in your outfit, if you are feeling good in your outfit. You will then most definitely enjoy wearing it and being the best version of you. Happy Eid! We would love to see your Eid outfits, use the tag #niceniyanails so that we can see!

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