Modest Fashion, Makeup and being a Boss!

What is Modest Fashion?

To put is simply Modest fashion is a concept of ‘covering’ up and concealing the features or shape of the body. This is the total opposite to clothing or styling, which may accentuate certain features of the body. There are many Modest fashion clothing types which include a range of items including, tops, trousers, skirts, dresses and jackets that are all cut and styled in a modest way.

How did Modest fashion become so popular?

It is important to note that Modesty and the concept of modesty has often been associated with Religious or Cultural reasons to dress this type of way. With the rise of Social Media stars and Instagram Influencers this has given modest fashion influencers a platform to fill the gaps and create a cultural shift towards this new trend. The mainstream media also plays a big part in solidifying these trends. A key milestone that paved the way was back in 2015 with DKNY launching a Ramadan collection for modest wearers.

Modest doesn’t mean boring. Or does it?

The connotation of Modesty and it being boring has definitely been challenged and re engineered to be the total opposite of this standard. Modest fashion icon Iqra Qadir Khan is a great representation of a Modest woman today with personality! She blogs, writes and showcases her quirky, acquired fashion taste. Take a look at this gorgeous all black jersey jumper paired with an ankle length skirt.But what really uplifts this classic all black outfit is definitely those gold boots. Lets talk about the gold boots. You have to be confident and totally bossy to rock them! Iqra topped her outfit with a bright mustard yellow bag and stylish sassy shades. She breathes confidence! This outfit is totally exemplar of modesty combined with a fiery personality, definitely not boring at all!


The brocolage of modesty, fashion and makeup has definitely encouraged expression whereby individuals can wear outfits in a modest way and represent how they feel. This can be via the application of makeup and how they style an outfit. There are a multitude of different style type trends and these are sophisticated being showcased on social media platforms such as Instagram!

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Sometimes I meet people who only like to talk about the price tags of their clothing, shoes, cars, bags and all of that all of that. This trend is increasing so much. Where conversations begin from the price of your bag and ends on the price of your socks. Nothing less or nothing more. It’s funny how people have made these conversations part of status symbol. They think people will only take them seriously and will be interested in them if they talk about money and wealth all the time. Its sad because most people like that. May Allah bless us all with whatever we have. But I read a psychology article the other day and it all made sense. The conclusion of the research was; “If you really are amazing and if you believe others also consider you amazing, then you won’t need to prove it. We only show off when we think that others are evaluating us negatively or when we are in need of attention.” Researchers in positive psychology have concluded that true well-being does not come from wealth but from other factors such as good relationships, meaningful and challenging jobs or hobbies, and a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves (such as a religion, a political or social cause, or a sense of mission). BE CAREFUL! #iqraqadirkhan#ootd#ootn#motd#motn#pakistaniblogger#pakistanibloggers#islamabadblogger#islamabadbloggers#londonblogger#londonbloggers#londonfashion#pakistanifashion#desifashion#fashionblogger#fashionbloggerlondon#fashionbloggerlondon#fashionbloggerpakistan #motivationalblogger#londonphotographer #londonstreetstyle #modestfashionblogger

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We love it! We love how individuals can influence others using their platforms by demonstrating their unique way of style. Nowadays you really do not have to be on television or in the mainstream media to be an influencer This is excellent as it opens up opportunities for literally everyone to showcase their passion and talent for absolutely anything! It also allows the introduction of an alternative way of life or a discourse in society that may not be showcased in the dominant societal sphere.

Confidence is King!

To rock any outfit, any makeup look, you mustbe confident! Confidence really does make any outfit come together. With the combination of makeup, clever styling and confidence be ready to Be a BOSS!

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