Save your coins!

Lets be honest buying a lush nail polish is definitely an mini investment that pays off every time you use it!

Imagine not having to go to the salon every time to get your nails done? Not only would you save a few hours but you would definitely save some money!

For a good quality manicure and for it to last long, your nails need to be in good condition, so its super important to take a moment and do some DIY nail prep.

Here is a in-depth guide to healthy gorgeous nails ready for the nail polish application!

Step 1: Prep

This is key to start off your manicure.

Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water; you can add your favourite essential oils and even a few sprinkles of salt!

Remove any product/ residue/ nail polish that you may have applied previously. 

Step 2: Shape

Shape- shape your nails, there are plenty of shapes to chose from some of the popular ones are oval, square, round and almond. The list is simply endless.

Step 4: SKIN x Moisturise

The skin on our hands is almost as sensitive as the skin on our face; you can apply a thick layer of your favourite hand cream and go to sleep waking up with super smooth palms. To go that step further, feel free to put on a light-weight pair of cotton gloves. This will help to lock in the moisture and prevent the cream from transferring onto your sheets. You can even add some cream to your feet and wear cotton socks too, this will definitely help with getting super soft feet!

Step 5: Niya Nail polish

Apply your favourite shade of Niya nail polish, we recommend applying two shades from a mm of the cuticle to the tip of your nail.

Applying the shade ‘NUDE’ by Niya

Step 6: Another one

Choose another shade of Niya nail polish, here we used Be A BOSS.

The shade ‘BE A BOSS

Step 7: add some cuteness!

Use the Niya spark shaping tool to create cute shapes on your nails!

Step 8: Seal

Seal with a layer of Mirror topcoat or leave as is! And there you go, salon ready nails created in the comfort of your own home. Totally unique and totally gorgeous!

So do you feel like there’s too many steps? Rest assured! Because it is totally worth it especially if you look after your mani- your nails will look gorgeous for well over 2 weeks! Niya Cosmetics xoxo

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