Top 5 of the very Best makeup primers in 2020
best makeup primers

Best Makeup Primers – we know what your’e thinking – another step in my beauty regime. Is it really worth it? Is it worth the money? Is it worth the effort of another sub- process within a process for the application of makeup? Do I really need it? so many questions.

the Fabulous flawless Bela
The flawless Bela Hadid with her gorgeous glowy skin.

The short answer is is absolutely. Yes Yes and YESS! Primer is so important. It is that fundamental step in achieving a flawless foundation application!

We have dropped the ultimate Primer 2020 list of best primer uk to help you keep your makeup in place. Primers are the best for creating that flawless smooth and silky base in readiness for an incredible flawless foundation application.

Best makeup primer for large pores and fine lines is the Benefit Professional primer. The best makeup primers for a glowy skin is the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer.

The best primer for hydration the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip. The Best primer for dry skin is also the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip. The best primer for oil-prone skin is the Revolution Conceal and Fix Pore Perfecting Primer. The best primer for acne-prone skin is The E.l.f Blemish control primer.

Before we start we need to mention that it is definitely a myth where primer only used for oily skin. We need to clear this up and state that no it can definitely be used for many different types of skin. It can be used to reduce oiliness but it is used to smooth out skin and blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It also gets rid of any texture you may have on your skin. And once you have tried it, you will never go back!

We have assorted a killer list for every skin type from high end to more affordable drugstore staples and of course everything in between. Let’s go!

The Best makeup primers for Large Pores and Fine Lines

Benefit – The Porefessional Primer

£27.77 – www.

benefit Face The POREfessional Face Primer 22ml - Cosmetics
The Professional Primer by Benefit

This primer is award-winning and is super popular in many makeup bags and beauty kits. This primer blurs out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and it really really makes your skin feel and look super smooth. Skipping on this primer if you have fine lines and wrinkles may not be the best decision, especially if you use foundation.

Applying foundation without the Best primer for bare pores can be dangerous as the foundation will seal into the fine lines and exaggerate them. If you use foundation on a regular basis it is best to combine this primer with your foundation for the best foundation application!

The POREfessional Pore Minimizing Primer - Benefit Cosmetics | Sephora
The best primer for fine lines and wrinkles

This primer has suburb qualities and applying this before foundation is an absolute game-changer to your bog- standard makeup application!

Try out the 3ml sample today for only £4.99

The Professional Primer by Benefit

The Best primer for glowy skin is the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance


Best makeup primers

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is superb at providing radiance to the skin. The consistency the primer feels almost like a hybrid between a gel and a moisturiser. Its pink toned and has flexes of shimmer but is not too shimmery. The texture is super soft and a small amount blends into the skin seamlessly.

It’s Meghan Markle’s go-to Primer!

Best makeup primers
Best Primer for Glowy Skin

Even on make-up free days, Meghan wears this primer as a “every day after moisturiser”, this gives her skin that “dewy glow”. Meghan Markles’ staple primer! Giving her that famous natural, ‘no-makeup’ look that she is known for!

For application use with your fingers or a brush, apply this on your apples of the cheeks, above your brows and your chin for an over all healthy glow. The best primer for glowy skin is the perfect prep before applying your foundation. Or you can wear this primer on its own if you would like an over all glow.

The packaging.

This product comes in a tube so that you can control exactly how much product you want without there being too much excess. You can totally control if you want more or less product, which is great because it reduces product wastage!

The best makeup primers for hydration

MILK MAKEUP Hydro Grip Primer


MILK MAKEUP Hydro Grip Primer: Beauty
The best primer for hydration

Formulated with hemp cannabis seed extract and blue agave extract for ultimate hydration and moisture. This is the best primer for hydration. If your skin is dry and you suffer from those cold winter months, this primer idea. This is the best primer for dry skin, it has been formulated with aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid and B vitamins.

This primer is a perfect start to a flawless skin base. Say goodbye to cracking foundation and dry side lips- ewh no thanks. Its green slightly tinted blend is also perfect for cooling down the redness on your skin.

Apply using your fingertips for best application. The heat from your fingertips will seriously warm up thus the product and it will melt into your skin.


This primer gives the perfect amount of priming with its pore- minimising effect and hydration. It is the best primer for hydration. Also by using this primer you will reduce the amount of foundation you apply. Read our blog on the best liquid foundation to find out how the next steps after applying the best primer for dry skin.


The packaging is gorgeous it’s nice and Sleek and it feels really really nice to the hold, it will equally look super cute on your vanity. Is has a really nice soft liquid like feel, super easy to apply onto your skin.

The best makeup primers for oily skin

Revolution Conceal and Fix Pore Perfecting Primer

£8.00 –

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Fix Pore Perfecting Primer

This primer has a smooth putty/ balm like consistency. It has a super luxurious formula that glides onto the skin. Giving your skin a velvety feel. This primer is ideal for oily skin as it absorbs the oils and prevents oil from being dispersed on the skin. This primer is super affordable and is a one of the best primer uk. Use this primer on your T- Zone and oily areas for best results. Once you begin using this, if you have oily skin – you will never go back!

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Fix Pore Perfecting Primer
Putty like consistency

Before applying your foundation wear the primer a base, use a brush or your fingers. This is the best primer to keep the oil away. Say goodbye to those unhygienic blotting sheets and bits of tissue.

What is great about this primer is that it has a nude tint; this gives the skin an invisible finish, with a gorgeous mattifying effect. This primer can be used alone for a natural look or combined with your foundation to help you achieve that silky smooth and shine-free skin. You can also use this primer for touch ups- so if you forget to apply this as a base before your foundation application.

Simply pick up some of the product dab this on the back of your hand (to warm this up) and tap (in rolling motions) into your problematic areas. This will help with oil control.

Whats fantastic about the best primer for oily skin is that you can use this primer on your eyes too. Especially if you are applying eyeshadow or eyeliner. Simply take a little bit of product on your fingers and blend this out up to your brow bone. This will help your eyeshadow or eyeliner last all day!

The best primer for acne prone skin

Blemish Control Face Primer, Small, Long Lasting, Skin Perfecting, Controls Breakouts and Blemishes, Matte Finish, Infused with Salicylic Acid, Vitamin E & Tea Tree 14ml
The Best primer for acne prone skin

The E.l.f Blemish control primer


When you have acne or acne prone skin, you really want to avoid applying makeup as this may aggravate your skin. But it’s so difficult especially if you wear make up on a daily basis or want to wear makeup for a special occasion.

If you fit into this category the this primer is your BFF. This is the perfect primer for acne prone skin as it contains the key active ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C and Tea Tree. These ingredients are the first line of defence found in an acne prone skin in a primer. Applying this primer before your foundation will be great in protecting your skin with the direct application of foundation.

The primer creates a barrier, this is so important as if the foundation gets into your skin then you will be getting more breakouts. However, this primer provides that well-needed barrier and also treats your acne all in at the same time. The Salicylic acid combined with the Tea Tree will work in calming down your acne and reducing it. For £10.99 this drugstore primer is the best primer for acne-prone skin.

We also love that this primer which is ideal for acne prone skin is also Cruelty free just like Niya Cosmetics Halal Nail polish!


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