Can I do Wudu with Halal nail polish?

Muslims are not allowed to wear nail polish when praying as it interferes with ablution (this is the muslim process of washing your body before prayer).  

To do or perform the Wudu process, you wash your hands, arms, face neck, and feet. When washing your hands if you have already applied a regular nail polish, the water will not penetrate you fingertips. Therefore invalidating the Wudu process. 

With Niya Cosmetics halal nail polish you can perform your Wudu. This is because the polish is breathable in nature. 

Breathable polish is a great alternative to regular nail polish because it allows water and air vapours to pass into the nail plate. With Niya Cosmetics Breathable polish has a unique formula. This contains a high concentration of Cyclopentasiloxane. This creates a porous film, which allows water and air to penetrate the nail plate. 

How to perform the Wudu

Its important to note that the polish is water permeable and wushu friendly for up to 2 coats of polish! Anything over 2 coats will not allow the water to pass into the nail plate. 

There are certain polishes that you can peel off the nail polish before making your Wudu however these polishes can be quite annoying as you have to reapply your polish again. 

With Niya Cosmetics polish you do not have to peel off your polish you can simply keep this on as long as it is 2 coats only and then perform your Wudu.


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