Can I pray with Halal Nail polish?

Using a Breathable nail polish or Halal nail polish the simple answer is yes! 

It’s important to understand what breathable nail polish is. Breathable polish is a great alternative to regular nail polish because it allows water and air vapours to pass into the nail plate. With Niya Cosmetics Breathable polish has a unique formula. This contains a high concentration of Cyclopentasiloxane. This creates a porous film, which allows water and air to penetrate the nail plate. 

A great point about breathable nail polish is that it definitely helps to maintain the quality and strength of the nails. 

Pray and have beautiful nails too!

Some nail polish brands have a concept of ‘peelable’ nail polish. This is basically polish that you can peel off before making ablution (wudhu). The Wudhu is the cleaning ritual which involves washing hands, feet and face before prayer. 

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With Breathable Halal Nail Polish, the wudhu process is not affected or compromised at all. This is because the water penetrates the nail bed. Answering that key question that you can indeed pray with Halal Nail polish on.

It is important to note that one should not apply more that 2 layers of polish. More that 2 layers will mean the polish is no longer permeable. So definitely be careful when applying. 

The benefits of Halal Nail polish? Is there any?

Whats great about Halal Nail polish is that it contains no harmful ingredients. 

  1. No animal ingredients
  2. No alcohol 

Halal nail polish is also Cruelty free as it is not testing on animals. All Niya Cosmetics nail polishes are proudly Cruelty Free. This is because Niya Cosmetics believes in Beauty without cruelty x

So the answer is YES! You can pray with Halal Nail Polish. 

Its all OK!

Enjoy and we cannot wait to see your gorgeous manicures! Tag us on #niyacosmetics


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