Entering a new decade with the most productive mind-set ever?!


Entering a new decade with the most productive mind-set ever?! How can you do this? A list? A New diary? Or a new diet?


Yes all these do help but the change has to begin from within! The mind. The “Mind is a muscle”. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. So how do we do this? Simply start your day with conviction! Conviction and self-belief that you can do ‘this’. The definition of ‘this’ obviously varies person to person. But the beginning of a productive, resourceful day starts from the mind.

This ritual is a daily, hourly or even an ‘every ten minutes’ kinda’ ritual. You need to constantly tell yourself positive statements. A great example would be “I can do it!”, “I am not lazy, and I will make the most of my opportunities”. These are cliché examples but you get the point!


Next, cleanse. Cleanse, clean and detox your space. From your bag, your car, your desk etc… Rummaging through heaps of mess to reach the items you need is a barrier you just don’t need! You need to access your items instantly! Why? So you don’t have to waste time, you access your items quicker and the most important factor of them all is so that you can do your task easily.


Are you doing too much? Are you doing too little? Write down your goals! What do you want to achieve by the end of the calendar year? What do you want to achieve in 2- 3 years. What do you want to achieve in 5 years? Yes, yes typical interview questions. But this is something just for you. Personal goals, these can be career related, a financial target or business target. A point to note: make your goals achievable and tangible! Be realistic with yourself! Remember action everyday is better than action after every 6 months! Consistency is the key!


How do you get motivation? Now this is very critical to productivity. How will you stay motivated? Does this mean you will be ‘treating yourself’ every time you hit your goal? If so what is that ‘treat’? How will you stay motivated?

So lets keep it super simple! As Marie Kondo herself says to her items ‘If they do not bring you joy, you do not need them’! and this is very true. If you use items in your daily life that do not spark joy they will definitely not motivate you. You need to surround yourself with possessions and products that truly make you happy so that you can work at the best potential. The Ordinary & YouTube Tv


The best bit! Define to yourself exactly what this is. What is a ‘treat’?! Is that dinner out with a friend every time you hit a goal? Is that a new lipstick? A new Niya Nail polish?! Rewarding yourself is essential to staying consistent and really achieving your goals and dreams of 2020! Take action today, take action right now! Even if it is a small step, a small change a day or adjustment will take you closer to the best version of you that you are yet to uncover!


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