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Can I pray with Halal Nail polish?

There is often a misconception about praying with nail polish on and its there for a reason. This is because with regular nail polish the water does not pass through the nails, the nail polish is a barrier between the nail bed and the water. Therefore this invalidates the wudu process and as a result you cannot pray with regular nail polish on. When using Breathable nail polish or Halal nail polish the simple answer is yes, you can pray with halal Nail polish, this is because the Halal nail polish is unique in its formulation where the water passes through the nail bed and the wudu is not affected. So you can pray with Halal nail polish on.

What is Breathable Nail polish or Halal Nail Polish?

It’s important to understand what breathable nail polish is. Breathable polish is a great alternative to regular nail polish because it allows water and air vapours to pass into the nail plate. Niya Cosmetics Breathable and halal nail polish has a unique formula. This contains a high concentration of Cyclopentasiloxane. This specific ingredient creates a porous film, which allows water and air to penetrate the nail plate. Therefore allowing you to do your wudu and pray with nail polish on.

There are many beliefs where some spokesman believe that you cannot pray with nail polish on, they feel like there is no way the water can pass through the nail polish. They also go as far to saying that the ‘Halal Nail polish’ is not water permeable at all and that it invalidates the wudu process and that the prayer will be invalidated. We want to explore and debunk the ideology and the belief that you cannot pray with Halal Nail polish.

With scientific and technological advancements the makeup industry is constantly transforming and is getting achieving miracles! Halal Nail polish is the next greatest invention, it has given many women the choice and the option to use Nail polish without it affecting their daily 5 prayers. Halal Nail polish is the answer to many missed prayers this is all thanks to the scientific advancements in the Halal nail polish industry. Muslim women thus get can ultimately have nice nails and not miss a prayer!

How Halal Nail polish has changed our lives for the better!

The beauty industry is booming and sometimes it can be overwhelming with seeing so many beauty products. The market is saturated with so many different products and beauty items, which ones do we choose? However regardless of seeing so many products, it is sooo amazing in having all these options. Having a variety of choices in selecting different products improves our quality of life as these products compliment our lifestyle improve the way we look and feel about ourselves. So having the option for Halal nail polish is just amazing! Why because it gives us the option to have nice nails and makes us feel good! Halal Nail polish is therefore a liberating product that allows us to have fun and express our selves without affecting important prayers.

How you can pray with Halal nail polish and how it is Nail strengthening

A great point about breathable nail polish and halal nail polish is that it definitely helps to maintain the quality and strength of the nails. Specifically Niya Cosmetics luxury halal nail polish. This is because of the unique formula. This incredible, one of a kind 14 FREE formulation is astounding. It is FREE of harmful chemicals and toxins regularly found standard, regular polishes. This formula in turn has a nail strengthening affect and over time your nails will become stronger and more robust. This is found in a study we conducted with Niya cosmetics customers were 9/10 customers found their nails getting stronger and stronger with every use.

Combined with the unique 14 free formulation and at the water permeable nature of the halal nail polish Niya cosmetics is the perfect concoction to apply and use on a daily basis! It is the perfect Halal nail polish to pray in.

The benefits of Halal Nail polish? Is there any?

Halal nail polish does not contain the following ingredients that are commonly found in regular polishes.

  1. No animal ingredients
  2. No alcohol 

Whats incredible about Halal nail polish and what really makes it stand out is that Niya Halal nail polish and Niya breathable polish is also Cruelty free. This is because we proudly do not test on animals. This is because Niya Cosmetics believes in Beauty without cruelty! We believe that you can be beautiful and wear great quality products without harming animals.

Pray and have beautiful nails too!

Praying in Peelable polish

Some nail polish brands have a concept of ‘peelable’ nail polish. This is basically polish that you can peel off before making ablution (wudhu). The Wudhu is the cleaning ritual which involves washing hands, feet and face before prayer. I order to make the wudu you would have to fully remove the peelable polish, then make the wudu and then finally pray. However this can be very longwinded and tiresome as you would constantly have to be painting your nails to keep up. Having said this many women feel more comfortable with using this method of applying nail polish and making wudu. This can also be a good option for some.

With Halal nail polish you do not need to peel the nail polish off, you can leave this on. You can perform your wudu with the Halal nail polish on. Its super easy to leave the halal nail polish on all day and perform the wudu as many times as you like. This is so convenient and easy to have nice nails and also pray!

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How the wudu is not affected by Halal nail polish and how you can pray in halal nail polish

With Breathable Halal Nail Polish, the wudhu process is not affected or compromised at all. This is because the water penetrates the nail bed. Answering that key question that you can indeed pray with Halal Nail polish on.

However when using the Halal nail polish be sure to only apply 2 layers of halal nail polish. This is because in many cases 3 plus layers will mean the polish is no longer permeable, the polish consistency on the nail will be too thick in order for the water to penetrate the nail bed. So definitely be careful when applying. Usually 2 layer is more than enough when using the Niyacosmetics Halal nail polish. More than 2 layers can be very thick in texture.

In this busy world its so incredible to have facilities and have amazing quality products to enable us to be efficient and practical.

Here is a beautiful Islamic Turkish Prayer rug!


This gorgeous prayer mat is beautiful and super practical as it comes with a cotton carry bag. You can take this anywhere, the prayer mat folds up perfectly inside the smaller bag. Super handy and convenient for any working, busy on the go person! A Must have for you to pray with your Halal nail polish on!

Removing your Halal nail polish

So realistically your Halal nail polish will last you around 2 weeks this depends on how you look after your nails. If you begin scrubbing dishes without using gloves or begin to do some physical activity then obviously your Halal nail polish will begin to chip. So be cautious and wear those dish washing gloves!

To remove the polish it is super easy! Simple take any nail polish remover, we highly recommend on by Timely Acetone Free Nail Polish remover.

This is a fabulous nail polish remover and is great for taking good the polish in one go.


Whats great about this nail polish remover is that it contains vitamin E and castor oil – these two ingredients combined are really nourishing and snail strengthening. Using this product with Halal nail polish as a nail care routine will really help look after and treat damaged and broken nails.

So can you pray with halal nail polish?

So can you pray with Halal Nail polish? YES! You can pray with Halal Nail Polish. This is because Halal nail polish is completely different and is designed differently to regular nail polish. Regular nail polish contains certain ingredients that are not water permeable and are not design in this way. Halal nail polish on the other hand contain specific ingredients that are designed to penetrate the nail plate. Even when the water is not touching the nail bed, throughout the day oxygen is. This means that you can pray in your Halal Nail polish. Get yours now on

Its all OK!

We cannot wait to see your gorgeous manicures! Tag us on #niyacosmetics If you have any questions on the topic above feel free to email us on we will be sure to answer your questions! If you would like any further topics to be discussed in our blog please also do send us through an email!

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