How to remove Halal Nail polish?!

The How to guide. 

Its super easy – simply get your nail polish remover. You can use any remover, preferably acetone free.

What is the difference between acetone remover and acetone free nail polish remover?

Removing nail polish should be as easy as applying it!

Acetone free nail polish remover is gentler on the skin and nails.

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As the Niya Cosmetics nail polish is breathable and 14 free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Follow these basic steps to remove the polish: 

  1. Add your nail polish remover to a cotton pad. 
  2. Apply gentle pressure to your finger nail with your pad and hold for a few seconds
  3. Gently rub your nail in circle motions. 

And Voila! Your Halal nail polish is now removed! 

Top top be sure to wash your hands with soapy water and add hand cream to your nails after this process. This will lock in the moisture and give you gorgeous soft hands! 

And thatโ€™s it your ready for your next manicure!ย 

How easy it is to remove Niya Cosmetics Halal Nail polish. Within a few seconds you are done!

What is great about the Niya Cosmetics nail polish is that after removing it, it will not leave any nasty stains or marks on your skin. Even with the darker colours such as red! Get yours now on


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