Taking Care of Your Nails at Home and Top Tips to Beautiful Hands.

Particular stresses of the day and a manic routine can definitely leave our hands and fingertips feeling rough. An impromptu pampers and a regular manicure is, therefore, a necessity.


The skin on our hands is almost as sensitive as the skin on our face; the texture of the skin on the back of our hands is also very thin. This is prone to show signs of aging. Therefore it is very important to moisturize hands, especially at night.  You can apply a thick layer of your favorite hand cream and go to sleep waking up with super smooth palms. To go that step further, feel free to put on a light-weight pair of cotton gloves. This will help to lock in the moisture and prevent the cream from transferring onto your sheets. You can even add some cream to your feet and wear cotton socks too, this will definitely help with getting super soft feet!


Prep – this is key to start off your manicure and to ensure that it is long lasting.

Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water; you can add your favourite essential oils and even a few sprinkles of salt!

Remove any product/ residue/ nail polish that you may have applied previously. Clean nails are the foundation to a successful, chip free gorgeous manicure. The Ordinary & YouTube Tv

Shape- shape your nails, there are plenty of shapes to chose from some of the popular ones are oval, square, round and almond. The list is simply endless.

Exfoliate – Now as you have finished shaping your nails, you may be left with some dust and before you apply any form of polish we must ensure that any speck of dust vanishes! This is because any form of dust or debris left on the nail can cause bubbles and an uneven application, which can eventually lead to chipping. And we do not want that!

Make a quick homemade paste, to save time and energy literally take a spoonful of sugar in the palms of your hands, add a touch of olive oil and pretend like you are washing your hands! You can really massage and work the sugar particles in the skin and gently rub this on your cuticles. Once done simply rinse away and pat your hands dry with a towel or a tissue.

Finally add your favorite polish!

For an elegant subtle everyday look go for the Shade I Adore Me.

This shade really enhances your fingertips and will make you feel ultra feminine.

Dare to wear a pop of colour?

Get your friends to get their visors ready because this shade is just so gorgeous, super unique. ‘Glosseon Pink’.

Try some nail art!

We love, love fun designs on nails especially if they include love hearts! It just really does add that wow factor. And the best thing is, is that it is soo easy to do. Always remember to add a layer of top- coat, you can use Mirror for this. This will ensure that the polish stays on for longer! The Ordinary & YouTube Tv


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