The Best Halal Nail polish brand

Want healthy stronger nails? Hate the toxic smelling standard nail polish? Try one of the Best Halal Nail polish brand today that you can get. 

Written by anonymous customer and user of Niya Cosmetics products.

What stands out for me and when I buy a halal nail polish is that 2 things. First it must be breathable/ water permeable. Why? Because as a muslim I am not allowed to wear nail polish when praying as it interferes with ablution (Wudhu). So I always prefer the Breathable polishes as it allows the water to penetrate into my nail bed without me removing my nail polish. 

How long does Halal Nail polish last?

If looked after properly – this means you’re not washing up without gloves or scraping off stickers with the corners of your nails! Then 2 weeks or more!halal-nail-polish-red-color

Why I LOVE Niya cosmetics? And why it is one of the best Halal nail polishes that I have ever tried?!

I love it because it is the only 14 FREE nail polish I have ever come across. All other nail polishes are 12 Free or less so this polish being 14 FREE is incredible. It also is cruelty free so whenever I use it I feel super comfortable and relaxed.

You feel fabulous with Hot Halal nails!

Another great this is that I do not have to peel off the polish I have tried many polishes where you peel it off before doing wudhu. But this one no way! You literally keep it on. It also does not chip from the sides. One issue I sued to have when I wore normal nail polish was that my nails always used to chip from the edges or sides. That would mean I would have to rip off my entire nail (gross). But with Niya I have used it regularly and it has strengthened my nail. They hardly ever ever chip. My actual nail has gone such better quality, much stronger and yes my nail polish looks nicer on natural none chipped nails! 

I also love Niya Cosmetics because they are so reasonably priced! Some polishes even go as low as £4.99! Which is insane. I am yet to try the lipsticks and glosses. 

My favourite Halal Nail polish shades by Niya Cosmetics are Be a Boss, Mist, Mauvana and I Adore me!

Oh one last thing I also love the packaging, it is so luxe and nice! It’s also really helpful to have when I am travelling as I can hold the bottle upright and use the case as a rest. So handy. 

Thank you Niya for creating such lovely products and I feel very honoured to be asked to write my first hand review! 

S x

(London – Slough)



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