What is Halal Cosmetics?
Halal Cosmetics

The term ‘Halal’ translates to ‘permissibility’. It is used in the Islamic context to define permissibility of certain practices and ingredients. These ingredients include alcohol, pork and blood, which are considered to be ‘Haram’ (forbidden) and unworthy of application.

So what is Halal Makeup?

This is simply any skincare or makeup related products that do not contain any “Haram” ingredients such as pork or alcohol. Halal cosmetics can range from a variety of products that includes lipsticks, moisturisers, serums, eye- shadows and of course nail polish!

Is that it?

Nope! So the ingredients of the products must obviously be Halal but the actual process in the creation of the product right from the beginning must be Halal too! From the manufacturing, processing and packaging this is done at a high level under strict hygiene conditions, which ultimately delivers the customer quality right from the beginning. The utensils used must be clean and ultimately follow Good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Another point to add is that Halal cosmetics are typically animal ingredient and chemical free. This definitely is great news especially if you are applying products on your face! Many beauty brands use ingredients that contain toxins and certain products even have traces of animal ingredients. Halal cosmetics further allow women to perform their prayers with these products on, as they do not contain any ‘Haram’ products.

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Is Halal only for people of one religion or faith group?

Absolutely not! Halal cosmetics are for people who are ingredient conscious, who prefer organic, chemical/ alcohol, cruelty free and vegan products! This is because within the products there are no animal ingredients deeming them to also be Vegan friendly. So the truth is it that Halal Cosmetics is another sub-category used for description purposes but definitely perfectly fit for everyone to use!

If you have sensitive skin or particularly nails, Halal cosmetics are definitely a great alternative to your regular products. We have found from Customer feedback that by using Niya Cosmetics nail polish as a replacement for regular polish, nails are considerably stronger and more resistant; they are also far less prone to chipping from the corners. The most horrible feelings is having nine lovely nails and then one short one because it chipped! You always just end up hiding that one nail!

How do you know if makeup is Halal?

Look out for the Halal logo which states it is ‘Certified Halal’.

So are Halal cosmetics worth the price tag? Usually Halal/ Vegan products are indeed on the pricier side. This is understandable due to the practices of manufacturing the product, the unique-ness of the ingredients and the fact that the products are not as easily accessible as other standard products. But having stated that the fact that the ingredients do not contain any harmful ingredients or any by- products of animal ingredients. Another advantageous point to mention is that the products are not tested on animals. All these points tallied up should be enough to warrant the higher price point. The Ordinary & YouTube Tv


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