What is Halal Nail Polish?

(An easy – quick guide)

Halal is an Arabic word for “Lawful or permitted”

The term ‘Halal’ is commonly used in relation to meat, food and cosmetic products.

  • Free from ingredients that are prohibited according to Islamic Law – examples are alcohol/ pork/ animal derived products.
  • Production/ manufactured and storing of products is in a clean environment.
Niya Nail polishes are Breathable and Halal and look exactly the same in application!

Is there a difference between “Normal Nail polish” and Halal Nai Polish in its appearence?

Absolutely not, with Niya Cosmetics Nail polish – it applies the same and looks the same. However Niya Halal nail polish feels lighter in texture. Niya polishes are not peel-able and remain on the nail and as gorgeous as ever!

Is Nail Polish Halal to wear?

Often Nail polishes are ‘Haram’ or forbidden as they contain certain ingredients. Niya Halal nail polishes however does not contain these ingredients and are ‘Breathable’. Breathable polish is a great alternative to regular nail polish because it allows water and air vapours to pass into the nail. Overtime this definitely helps to maintain the quality and strength of the nails.

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Breathable polish is ideal for Muslim women.

This is because they can wear the polish and perform their prayers. Before each prayer there is a cleaning ritual which involves washing the hands, feet and face. As the water penetrates the nails, this cleaning ritual is known as ‘Wudhu’. With the breathable nail polish the Wudhu is not affected. This means that they can pray without removing the polish!

Benefits of using Halal Nail Polish?

Helps Looks after your nails long term!

Helps with strengthening your nails over time and say bye bye to discoloration!

If you find that you do have weak nails due to using regular polish definitely opt for Breathable polish! 


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