Why You Need To Try Breathable Nail polish!
breathable nail polish

What is breathable nail polish?

Breathable polish has a unique formula, which contains a high concentration of Cyclopentasiloxane. This creates a porous film, which allows water and air to penetrate the nail plate. Therefore making the nail polish 100% Halal, breathable and Wudhu friendly nail polish.

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How is Breathable nail polish different to regular polish?

Well firstly regular nail polish blocks both water and air from penetrating the nail. If you are a nail polish addict and wear polish most of your days well… This does unfortunately contribute to weak fragile nails.

Breathable polish can still be damaging or any nail polish if you apply this on top of your cuticles… DO NOT DO THIS! The fasted way to damage your nails is to begin applying your nail polish right from the top of your skin. Please avoid this and start from a few mm below you cuticles.

Breathable nail  polish

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Helps Looks after your nails long term!

Helps with strengthening your nails over time and say bye bye to discoloration!

If you find that you do have weak nails due to using regular polish definitely opt for Breathable polish! We love how Kim Kardashian rocks her signature classic off- white polish! It simply makes her hands look super dainty and fresh! We have to agree a nice manicure definitely means that you have your life in check!

If your scared of colour opt for MIST by Niya cosmetics for a gorgeous subtle shade. Perfect for everyday or dress up the colour by wearing some jewellery! The Ordinary & YouTube Tv

Breathable polish is also very easy to remove! Due to the unique formulation of the product, with one swipe you can almost take of 90% of the nail polish in one go! How amazing is that? Say goodbye to sitting there for hours scrubbing at your nails!

Also to mention one common way to damage nails is to use harsh a harsh nail polish remover. Acetone is a powerful solution which works wonders in removing polish but do note that due to its potency it can remove a lot of natural oils from your skin. If you have used this for too long you may find that this sometimes makes your skin appear white. This basically means that you have left the acetone n for too long and you have dried your skin out!

Definitely opt for acetone free nail- polish remover when using Niya nail polishes. This is because this is less abrasive and due to the formulation of the nail polish it can be removed easily with a more ‘gentle’ nail polish remover.

Further to this always always always moisture after any removal of nail polish! If you can go the extra mile even apply some cuticle oil on you cuticles. If you cannot get your hands on  specific nail oils use any type of oil. We find Caster oil works well for nails. But do bare in mind if you are going to paint your nails again remove any oil residue from your actual nail before applying a fresh coat of polish. This when you apply polish on a nail which already has product on, this encourages chipping.

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So to answer the question! If you find your nails showing discoloration and chipping from the side then you definitely need to switch out your polish to Breathable ones!

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