Can I do Wudu with Halal nail polish? in (2020)

Can you make wudu with Halal Nail polish or Breathable nail polish? The simple answer is YES! You can wear Halal nail polish and make your Wudu.

The common perception and opinion is that generally Muslims are not allowed to wear nail polish when praying as it interferes with ablution process (wudu steps). The Wudu steps of washing your hands, face and body before prayer for. To do or perform the Wudu steps, you wash your hands, arms, face neck, and feet. The purpose of the wudu is to purify and clean your body before you pray to God.

Is Regular polish wudu friendly?

The reason why you cannot do wudu with regular polish and pray is because when washing your hands the water will not penetrate your nails. Regular nail polish is not scientifically designed this way, to be permeable. As the ingredients within are not water permeable. Using regular polish will therefore invalidating the Wudu steps. Regular nail polish cannot be worn when making wudu, this must be removed completely with Nail polish remover. So No regular polish is not wudu friendly and it advised to remove this polish before making your wudu and praying.

One fantastic recommended nail polishes removers is the:

wudu with halal nail polish

Nail polish remover by Timely without Acetone.

This remover is fantastic as is acetone free. Acetone is very damaging to the nail bed and when using nail polish removers its important to try to steer clear of this chemical. The Timely nail polish remover is fab as it contains the Vitamin E ingredient which is deeply nourishing for your nails. It also contains castor oil which is iconically known for conditioning and strengthening the nails and cuticles.


£5.32 – 150ml

Performing Wudu with Halal Nail Polish

With Niya Cosmetics halal nail polish you can perform your Wudu. This is because the Halal nail polish is breathable in nature, water and oxygen permeable.

Halal Nail polish or Breathable nail polish is a great alternative to regular nail polish because it allows water and air vapours to pass into the nail plate and penetrate the nail bed. The great thing is that Niya Cosmetics Breathable polish has a unique one of a kind 14 Free formulation. This contains a high concentration of Cyclopentasiloxane. This concentration creates a porous film, which allows water and air to penetrate the nail plate. Allowing water to pass thus does not interfere with the wudu steps.

How to perform Wudu steps with Halal Nail Polish

See the below image of how to do the Wudu, this step by step picture guide details how easy this it is and it only takes a few minutes of your time to complete.

wudu with halal nail polish
How to perform the Wudu steps

Being careful when you are applying your Halal Nail polish

What you must be careful of is that you do not apply more that 2 layers of Halal nail polish. This is because the water will not penetrate the nail plate if you apply 2 or more. The thickness of the polish will be too dense and thick on the nail plate and this will not be allow the water to pass through the nails. This will consequently invalidate your wudu process.

The Controversy around wearing Halal Nail polish and making Wudu with Halal Nail polish.

There is controversy around wearing halal nail polish and performing the wudu steps, this is because some spokesmen have strict views on the matter and totally disregard the topic. They simply do not believe that it is possible to get a polish that is breathable and they take a very averse approach. The spokesman follow the common sense rule of ‘if in doubt leave it out’! and that for them is their explanation. Thinking about this it is a very understandable and a safe option because ultimately Muslims do not want to disobey their Lord by sinning and nullifying the ablution steps or wudu.

However if you are looking for an option and love to wear nail polish in general that Niya Cosmetics Luxury Halal Nail polish is definitely for you and is a great alternative to regular polish.

With technological advancements over the course of many many years of in-depth science based research and laboratory testing, the beauty industry has gone a very long way. Manufacturers have become superbly advanced and sophisticated in using the best of technologies to create a solution for common topics such as wearing halal nail polish and performing wudu steps. They have ingeniously created solutions for wudu to be done whilst wearing halal nail polish.

Halal Nail polishes are lab tested!

Niya Cosmetics polishes have been laboratory tested and are Halal certified by bodies such as the HCA (halal Certification Agency). These agencies have strict guidelines where they conduct their inspections and run their in depth water permeability tests.

The Wudu friendly nail polish test by Niya Cosmetics

So Niya cosmetics conducted a to follow test to showcase the permeability. This can be found here in the permeability video. This test can also be done at home by anyone who wishes in order to test the permeability of water in the Halal Nail polish.

The test was very easy to follow and involved a few simple steps that even you can try at home to check the water permeability!

Vitamin C fizzing Tablets
  1. Niya wudu friendly polish test started off with the Vitamin C Fizzing tablets.

You can purchase the fizzing tablets here from for £5.29. Once you do the test you can definitely use the rest of the tablets too as they are great for your health! The tablets contain Vitamin C, D and Zinc! These tablets are known for enhancing your immune system, it is advised to take one day! So you can do the test and use them afterwards so absolutely no wastage at all!

Step 2 of the Wudu friendly nail polish test – Select your Halal Nail polish we used the shade Mauvana for the test. You can use any Halal Nail polish shades from the collection.

Halal Nail Polish

Step 3 of the Wudu friendly nail polish test – Coat your tablet in the Niya Cosmetics Halal Nail Polish – Niya cosmetics applied 2 generous coats, make sure you wait for the first coat to dry first before applying the second layer of Halal Nail polish.

Coat the tablet in Halal Nail polish

Step 4 of the Wudu friendly nail polish test – Pop the tablet into a glass of water. The water can be warm or cold, we used room temperature tap water. For your test you can use mineral water or any water you wish to use.

Step 5 of the Wudu friendly nail polish test – Watch the Vitamin C tablet Fizz away! It is so satisfying and fun to watch.

Watch the Wudu friendly nail polish test results and make your own decision! As soon as the tablet enters the water the tablet begins to fizz. This shows as a result that the water indeed penetrates the tablet despite having an outer layer of Halal nail polish. Showing us that the polish in fact water permeable and wudu friendly.

In conclusion you can do you Wudu and wear your Halal Nail polish!

Be sure to try the test if in doubt of Halal nail polish and its permeability.

Water permeable peelable Polish and wudu?

There are certain polishes where you can peel off the nail polish before making your Wudu however these polishes can be quite annoying as you have to reapply your polish again and again. Yes how frustrating! You’re constantly in a limbo of peeling, applying, peeling applying. When doing the wudu steps you have to always make sure that you peel off the polish. if you do not peel off the peelable polish the water will not penetrate the nail bed and this invalidates the wudu.

It is therefore not possible to perform the wudu with the peelable polishes. You must always remember to remove the polish, make your wudu then reapply a new coat of polish. Some people feel more comfortable with doing this and find this as the best solution to wearing polish, making wudu and being able to pray.

So in conclusion, yes you can do Wudu with Halal Nail polish!

With Niya Cosmetics polish you do not have to peel off your polish you can simply keep the nail polish on. However this only possible as long as it is 2 coats only and then perform your Wudu. You can also gently rub your nails too to ensure deeper penetration and if you wish to run your fingers longer under the tap, doing this is optional and totally your choice. Mentioned in the article above, the Niya cosmetics polish contains a high concentration of Cyclopentasiloxane. This creates a porous film, which allows water and air to penetrate the nail plate. Thus allowing you to perform wudu and pray with #niceniyanails.

If you have any further questions in regards to this topic or would like clarification or have a differing view be sure to email us on


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